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Intermec and Cisco Access points

Leveraging Intermecs industry leading position in mobile computing, we are pleased to announce the release of a selection of Cisco-Aironet access points and their accessories.

Why should customers buy Cisco equipment through Intermec and its Partners?
The increasing number of wireless LAN users and their evolving dual band capabilities call for an infrastructure that provides the bandwidth demanded by a growing user base, taking full advantage of these increased capabilities. Cisco is a giant manufacturer who has a worldwide dominant position in almost all of our existing and targeted customers.

Intermec and its Partners form a perfect synergy with Cisco:
Intermec brings its experience in manufacturing a complete range of Automatic Data Collection devices in the supply chain management and the "back room" (warehouse, manufacturing), while Cisco brings its worldwide leader position in the "front office" to provide seamless, continuous solutions for networking and communication solutions in enterprise environment. Cisco´s strengths in IT, when coupled with Intermec´s expertise in supply chain management, deliver cohesive, open standards, full and complete enterprise-wide solutions to customers.

Cisco CCX (Cisco Compatible Extensions):
The Cisco CCX Program for wireless LAN devices helps ensure compatibility between wireless LAN client devices and Cisco Aironet® wireless LAN products. This compatibility helps deliver the confidence IT managers need to deploy wireless LAN (WLAN) technology in their networks today. Intermec is the first ADC manufacturer nominated as a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator (STI), allowing Intermec to supply Cisco wireless infrastructure, provide service and demonstrate our level of expertise with Cisco giving us a distinct market advantage.
All new developments and improvements of Cisco networking will be tested on our equipment and will be CCX certified accordingly. This provides our customers with a strong return on investment position because Intermec devices will be fully compatible with on-going Cisco network improvements. Intermec have the commitment to implement new versions and get CCX certification on all of our LAN devices, this means:

  • Terminals ( Portable and Vehicle Mounted )
  • Printers
  • RFID interrogators

Additionally, customers participating in Medallion Maintenance can receive CCX version updates, (as device hardware permits). We will be tied with Cisco in future developments and programs as AVVID (Architected for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) is a Cisco program that will allow us to stay up to date with other features from Cisco like VoIP.

These Cisco programs demonstrate our commitment and capability to work with and deliver Cisco products as part of our Integrated Intermec solution.

Coexistence of Cisco-Aironet Access Point with Intermec WLAN product:
As explained above, Intermec WLAN devices are fully compatible with existing Cisco infrastructures thanks to CCX certified equipment and will be, depending on specific revisions of CCX. Additionally Cisco Access Points can be installed to coexist with Intermec WLAN networks. For detailed information about current CCX client versions to be applied on specific Intermec devices, please refer to your local Product Marketing contact.

Note: Symbol is not currently a licensed participant and has no interoperability program of their own.

Support and Service:
All products detailed in the current European Price Guide will be supported from Professional Services in all European Intermec offices. Medallion Servicing will be available inmediatly, please contact your local service department for more detailed information.

Cisco Aironet Portfolio:
Vertical markets like Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail have huge potential for Wireless LAN´s; applications needing WLAN capabilities are growing dramatically, covering full enterprise; from a light office environment to a tough, rugged warehouse facility or manufacturing plant. To address these distinct applications, Cisco delivers three types of access point:

  • Indoor Access Points: Models 1120 and 1130
  • Indoor Rugged Access Points: 1230 model
  • Outdoor Rugged Access Points/Bridges: 1300 series
Intermec and Cisco

To get more details about Cisco Aironet Hardware click here:
Cisco Aironet Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

Acces Point Details:

Cisco Acces Point

Cisco Acces Point

For more product information please go to Intermec website.


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